Fuminori Ido

1. Overview

Compete PowerPoint!(^_^)

Slidy is an another way for presentation by Juli.

Juli slidy is inspired from Asciidoc slidy. See also.

This slideshow is generated by slidy generator. Please go to next page by mouse clicking or → cursor key.

2. How to generate

Commandline is as follows:

$ juli gen -g slidy -t slidy.html wikiname.txt

slidy generator doesn't support bulk-mode since it doesn't make sense. As you can see source (lib/juli/visitor/slidy.rb), it is very small.

3. Navigation

4. Markup

Juli slidy markup follows Juli Wiki Formatting, of course. See index.

Level 1 header is a slide page. Lower level of headers are shown in the same page as follows:

4.1. Level 2 header

Level 2 header

4.1.1. Level 3 header

Level 3 header

5. Markup(2)

As explained already, HTML can be written in Juli so that any image and table can be written as follows:

stock image


6. Advantage

7. Restriction

Juli slidy has minumum functionality currently to navigate pages. Other functionalities, for example we can see in Asciidoc as follows, are not yet supported:

8. See also